Kisah Collection

There are two main reasons behind the chosen word for ‘Kisah’.

The first reason is that the word is actually an acronym for ‘Kita Satu Hati’ in Malay, the direct translation is ‘We Are One Heart’. In Changgih Designs, we work with our artisans very closely as we value their input and participation in doing so. We want to show that this collection, is a commitment to inclusivity and diversity, promoting the importance of collaboration and partnership.

Another reason is that the word itself is a Malay word for ‘Story’. For this collection, we’ve traveled to Kudat, Kundasang, Kota Belud to promote community-based tourism locations in Sabah. Additionally, by telling stories of the past, through our inspired traditional motifs, we want to connect Sabahans to their cultural heritage and at the same time promote the beauty of Sabah to the world.
By referencing shared experiences or traditions, we want to appeal to those who value connection, authenticity, and nostalgia.


Our Laing fabric design is inspired by the murut motif called the "Nanturungon ri laing". It tells the story of a mother who weaved while pregnant and could not complete her weaving because it was time to give birth. She was only able to complete her weaving when her child learned to sit.
This story is a reminder for us to not give up easily and that it takes diligence to achieve your goals.
Source: PAUT Enterprise, Kampung Alutok, Tenom 

'Binabo Sopuan'

In a Rungus folktale, a woman saw an animal that had eight legs. She was confused as to why it had eight legs. As she looked closer, she noticed it was a squirrel carrying its baby at the back. Whether it was a mother with her child or whatever was the case, the weaver never figured it out but it turned into this beautiful motif. For our Sopuan design, we split off the side and flipped it around to add a unique flare to the traditional design.

Source: Inulisan Sasam, Kampung Tinangol, Kudat


Our Banat fabric is a combination of motifs pulled from a women’s garment worn by the Rungus women, the Banat. In this design you can see the motif for the ‘tapak tinguarang’ (a.k.a lizard footprint). Also in the design is the ‘Sinunsum’, a shape that resembles the Sunsum fruit. As for the ‘Inaravas’, which is a design present on each weaving that is repeated in between the other designs.

Source: Inulisan Sasam, Kampung Tinangol, Kudat